All kinds of Biscuits OEM
The capabilities of ISABELLE(Taiwan) in innovation connect with the production lines of all kinds of biscuits and holiday cakes. By proceeding with real tests and business expansions, the unique technology has let ISABELLE(Taiwan) into another volume. All of the products will be directly packed in sealed after being tested. Then, put them into boxes and delivered. The one continuously semi-automatic working line allows speeding up the processing and delivery.

Pastry OEM
ISABELLE product is known for high-efficiency and high-quality. To meet customers' demands, we have a lot of formulas to make different mooncake. In this way, customers at home and abroad chose ISABELLE for their Mid-Autumn Festival products by doing OEM business. This is why ISABELLE(Taiwan) made successful in global market by producing mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival .

Various Products
Isabelle cooperates with different partners,such as merchandisers,supermarkets,stores,etc. to provide various products. There are pastry, handmade chocolate cookies, afternoon tea sets and other exquisite products. In addition, Isabelle receives good reputation in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Macau other countries in the world.

Diverse Gift Boxes Packaging
Isabelle has created an extraordinary sense of taste, smell and perception at every stage from conception to commercial use. We insist in attracting our customers by providing diligently packing gift boxes. Isabelle helps you build up an excellent atmosphere while giving the gift boxes.

Cross Industry Collaboration
The warm image of ISABELLE has benefited from cooperating with different industries. By crossover and co-branding with, we make ourselves be all the rage. Either domestic markets or overseas E-commerce platforms are the marketplaces we have been developing through. They are also the motivation for us on innovation.