Brand Introduction

Since the establishment of ISABELLE(Taiwan) Co., Ltd., we have devoted ourselves to the pursuit of innovative technology and excellent quality in terms of products. For our service, we persist in customer-oriented approach. We believe in the combination between excellence product and the satisfied services are the cornerstone to stand steady in the market.

The message from the CEO

Nowadays, ISABELLE(Taiwan) has quickly become the leading brand in the keenly competitive mainstream market in Taiwan. This phenomenon offered us a convincing vision of the future. With the innovative technology and our effort, we are confident that more customers throughout the world will be familiar with our products in the foreseeable future.

As the leading brand of exquisite biscuit gift boxes, ISABELLE not only wins customer’s hearts with delicious pastries, but also known as “Getting Healthy”. Owning a unique brand style and culture. In addition, the rapid success in Taiwan and the demands from overseas markets give impetus to our expansion program worldwide. We invest lots funds and manpower in researching and development, trying to step into another field and creating a modern biotechnology baking industry.