Professional Biscuits Manufacturer

The capabilities of ISABELLE(Taiwan) in innovation connect with the production lines for all kinds of biscuits and holiday cakes. By proceeding with real tests and business expansions, the unique technology has let ISABELLE(Taiwan) into another volume. The products will all be directly packed in sealed after testing. Then put into the boxes and be delivered. The one continuously semi-automatic working line allows speeding up the processing and delivery.

Manufacturing and Packaging Capability

ISABELLE(Taiwan) produces all kinds of biscuits, including pure chocolate cookies, fruit filling tartes, sandwiches cookies, hand-made biscuits, French tuiles and multiple festival gift boxes such as Christmas and New Year. We can also provide new one peculiar to every company from all over the world.

Meet Customer Expectations

Each marketing team has formulated multiple sustainable development goals. To keep the same pace and suit the meets between the plan and sales platforms of customers is the goal of ISABELLE(Taiwan).