Choco Tuile with Dried Strawberries

coating black chocolate
Choco Tuile with Dried Strawberries originated in France and are the representative biscuits of French style (Langue de chat). It is called cat tongue because the shape looks like a cat’s tongue. Thin, crispy, rich milky flavor, smooth, and appetizing are the features of crackers. Choco Tuile with Dried Strawberries use Anchor Unsalted CreamMade from pure and natural New Zealand 100% milk with no artificial trans fats. Traceability of Choco Tuile with Dried Strawberries are certified by ISO & HACCP. Cows are grazing and raised, and the products are rich in beta-carotene, showing a golden color.
Product ID
In stock
L20 x W11 x H5.5 cm
10 pieces
Net weight/box
12 boxes
L36.5 x W21.5 x H24 cm
0.66 cuft /0.019 cbm
Shelf life
12 months
Storage condition
Normal temperature
Ovo-lacto vegetarian
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